Taffy went on to a two weeks UK national tour in July 2013.
We went through this with a lot of trials and errors for we don't have much budget or connections in the UK for us being Japanese.
So many unexpected incidents had occurred in the land of where all the bands from all over the world come to tour, So we decided to look back the tour in a daily journal format.

"Departure and Arrival" July 11th 2013

This was our second UK tour since the one from the year before. It takes about 12 hours from Tokyo to London. Since the flight wasn't that crowded, luckily we were able to carry all the instruments on board with us. The plane arrived to Heathrow airport in London, while all of us were doing our own stuff on the plane. We arrived around 3PM in London, which was 11PM in Tokyo, a little sleepy already. KIKO, the tour manager whom we had contact with from Japan, were at the airport to pick us up and we went into his van with jetlagged heads. The band was going to tour around with all the equipment, so the van was pretty big. Big enough to carry the drum set, all the amps, and all us, the members and the staff. This was the car we were going to spend the most of next two weeks. This was the first time that we met KIKO in person for we were just talking through e-mails till then. Although, after all he turned out to be the coolest guy we know, the first impression was quite strong. Way more than 6ft tall Italian guy with long gray beard and hair, the first thing he said to us when we met was "my cat just died". Anyway, we had a gig from the next day, so we were assuming that we'd stay around the airport on the first night, but we went on to three hour drive to get to the hotel that's close to the venue that we were going to play the day after. It was a bit heavy ride for our jet lagged head, but we were able to enjoy the England by stopping at Stonehenge and places like that. Supposedly, Stonehenge was the place to cure the sick ones back then when it was active. We are not sure if it's because of this, but KIKO's cat came back alive after we went to Stonehenge. A rock'n'roll tour was going start from tomorrow.