"7th day Bristol" July 18th 2013

We had a gig in Bristol this date, but to tell you what happened, we had to cancel it.
We were to leave London around noon and were waiting to get picked up at the hotel.
It turned out that the van we were riding was not the official one and it was supposed to come back from the repair on this day.
But it never did.
It was past noon and was turning into evening.
It would take several hours to Bristol from London and at some point, we realized that we were not gonna make it.
In this season, there are so many bands touring around the UK that there were absolutely no vans available at the time including the one we had till yesterday.
So at the end, we just had to notify Bristol that we were cancelling.
The band and staffs were really turned down and were apologizing through the Twitter and the Facebook and everything to the fans at Bristol who must have been feeling a lot worse, and swore that we will pay back to Bristol someday somehow.
We are really sorry!!
That night, we ended up going to China town in London for a dinner to get ready for the rest of the tour and the day after this, York.

we found our album "Lixiviate"