"3rd day Doncaster" July 14th 2013

Not Thin Lizzy, the one above that

The first day of our headline tour was at a town called Doncaster in South Yorkshire.
We were a little bit nervous on the way there because we were the main act from this day and weren't sure how the people and the town will react to us.
In spite of our worries, everyone there, the staffs at the venue, the members of the support bands, and the fans were more than nice and welcoming us, and thanks to that, our own tour had a bright start.
By the way, there's a list called "rider" which tells what the band need and want at the backstage and everything else during the show. Normally it'd be like bottles of beer, wine, light food, snacks, and towels, and so on, but it is often left unread and simply the things that normal bands would want are prepared. It is very easy to see if our rider was read or not, because Taffy have a member who has a cleanliness obsession and there is "antivirus wet tissue" which we'd assume rather uncommon, on our rider list. So we sure were able to feel the niceness of the people when we found one on the table in the dressing room of Leopard, the venue in Doncaster.
Since we were the last act on the day, we did the sound check first, meaning we had so much time in between, several hours.

at the downstairs of the venue, Leopard.

So we were walking around the venue, taking a nap and finally went out to walk around the town after the sound check, but it was Sunday and pretty much all the stores were closed and not many people were on the street either, so we couldn't really see what the town was all about on this day. May be when we come back.
The gig went on fine and the fan stayed so we were able to talk for a bit.
There was a fan wearing the Wedding Present T-shirts who we were supporting till yesterday, and we told him about it to find out not only he wasn't able to go to that but he didn't even know that we were supporting them, and had a blast talking about that.
And also there was an autograph on the CD we did for one really young fan, so young that he wasn't able to make it to the gig because it was rather late, so his father came to the show for his son, which was really nice and qute.
The quality of the support bands was really high and we said to ourselves that we do have to get better and better as well, as we said good bye to Doncaster and head to the next town, Newcastle.