"5th day Radio Session" July 16th 2013

Pheonix FM

It was a first day off we had since we came to England.
Actually not exactly a day off because we had a radio session at Pheonix FM in Brentwood and Billericay, Essex.
This was second time for us to play there and we do an acoustic session at this place for its atmosphere.
To play acoustic is very rare for Taffy, but we went on to do it just with one rehearsal at the hotel on the same day earlier There was a big traffic on the way to the station from Newcastle and we got there only about 20 minutes before the show was on.
It was a live show so we were starting get little worried, but KIKO managed to get us there on time.
There was not much time to do a rehearsal there, so we just got the acoustic guitars and went on live.

The DJ was quite perfect in the way he talked and how he had us get involved in the conversation, so we were able to play comfortably.
After the session, we headed to London and, because it was a day off, had a great dinner with the people from the label, Club AC30 at this delicious curry place.
Thinking it is going to be a London gig tomorrow.

Session footage

getting ready