"2nd day Scarborough" July 13th 2013

2nd day was at a beautiful beach side town called Scarborough that is well known from the song by Simon and Garfunkel, "Scarborough Fair".
In the car on the way to the venue, the members were discussing and proposing how they can make their performance better, and the tenseness from yesterday was melting slowly.
And as a result, the play that night turned out to be a really good one.
Taffy was a support this day as well and for that, the audience was away from the floor being at the bar at first.
But, again, once the performance began, a lot of them started to come forward and at the end, it seemed like most of them were having quite a good time with Taffy.
The band was able to confirm this with many CDs being sold after the show and a lot of people asking for the autographs and hand shakes to them.
We were able to see the whole show of The Wedding Present this night, and it was a quite something. There were so much we were able to learn from them in everything they do from the sound checking to the performance, and even the way they treat their fans after the show as well.
Everything was being done in such a top level professional manner.
The town was so nice that we wanted walk around a little bit after the gig, but we had to head to next city right away, so decided to leave that for the next time.
This was the last day of The Wedding Present's tour, and from tomorrow, it'll be Taffy's head line tour.

the review of the show

The venue and KIKO

the people!