"11th day Glasgow" July 22nd 2013

The last day of this tour was at Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland.
The venue was called King Tut's and it is a very famous venue that the Oasis got signed there, and so many other famous bands like Blur, The Verve, Radiohead and so on had played.
We arrived feeling really grateful to the all the normal things like the van was fine and got there on time, we had all the instruments with us, and the venue was there waiting for us to arrive.
Everyone here was nice too, the staff, the other bands and the fan and all.
The PA person told us about a Japanese band he had worked with before once he found out that we were from Japan and made us feel comfortable.
It was a famous Japanese band so we were glad to hear that and at the same time, thought that we too had to perform well.

After all, the show went well that he gave all of us hug saying it was great.
The bands we played with and their fans were going off pretty hard and that lasted until the end of Taffy's performance.
Not only that, we got one of the loudest "one more tune" after the performance and the last day of the tour ended at its best.
So many things had happened and it felt like a miracle that it actually ended in such a good way and made everything perfect.
To think it back, everything and the whole country was so nice throughout this tour, that it makes us want to go back to every single city to play again.
Thank you UK and we'll be back!!