"10th day Manchester" July 21st 2013

Last night, after the Edinburgh show, we put all the instruments and equipment in the van that broke down and put that van in this garage. And we were going to transfer all the instruments to the new van we were to hire this morning. So we woke up rather early and were waiting at the lobby of the luxurious hotel we stayed last night.
There was a problem.
It was Sunday and the garage was closed, the garage that the van with EVERYTHING in it was parked was closed.
The guy who towed it the night before was casually saying ok to transfer back then, but guess he did too forgot that it was Saturday at that time.
We offered the only person we were able to talk to on the phone from the garage that we'd do or pay anything if they could just open it for five minutes.
But we were told it was something to do with the regulation and it was just not possible, and we would be arrested if we try to sneak in.
After what happened in Bristol and Edinburgh, it was not in our choice to cancel the gig, so we just headed to Manchester empty handed with the new van we hired.
The tour manager KIKO knew some people in Manchester, so we had several ways to arrange the instruments on the way there.
It was going to take about 5 hours or so from Edinburgh, so although it was going to be odd, we were going to enjoy to play with the instruments that are not our own.
Without even a slightest idea of what was going to happen next.
As one of the ways, for it would have been the simplest, we asked the promoter/manager of the venue, Night and Day in Manchester if they could arrange the instruments.
Once she heard that, she cancelled everything and had disappeared.
It seemed like she had somewhere else that she wanted to go on that day, she cancelled the support bands, the sound engineer, the bartender and everything else in the blink of an eye and took off with leaving just one of her man behind, unable to get in touch with at all.
The guy who was left simply kept saying NO it was cancelled because no instruments.
We were telling him that they were being arranged with no problem, but the answer stayed the same, "cancelled".
The day after this, he sent us an e-mail apologizing that he didn't want to cancel either because he knew we were capable, but he couldn't do anything for his boss had just left him with "no" and didn't return.
Even though it was obviously against the contract, the only thing we heard from the manager was "it wasn't my fault" even a day after that when she finally came back from her holiday.
But that's that, we came to Manchester to play a gig.
All of us were trying to figure out how we can do this, and at some point, we were even saying that maybe we can find a house party or whatever and just play there or play in front of the venue for hell of it. Actually that would have been fun as well, but we decided to post on the Facebook and the Twitter about the situation and that we were looking for a venue to play.
The people who read this actually did post lists of the places we could call!!
Our tour manager, KIKO was rather experienced in the industry and knew most of the venues that were in the lists, and called some of them.
And, although we called them out of blue, one of the venues said YES!

It was a venue called KRAAK and not only they said yes to us, but also was an up-and-coming really cool venue/gallery too.
It was originally closed on that day, but once we explained the situation and about the band to the manager of the venue, he just said "oh, that's unfortunate, let's see what I can do" and called the bartender and even managed a support band to play with us.

Fortunately, it was at a walking distance from the original venue so we posted a note about the change of the venue on the door and some people actually came seeing that post.
We got the instruments and everything else perfectly fine thanks to everyone there, and the gig went very well unbelievably after all that had happened.

We thanked everyone there, the manager, the bartender, the support band and the fan and went on to the famous Curry Mile in Manchester after the show and celebrated how the day ended up well with curry.
Tomorrow will be Glasgow, the last day of the UK tour.