"4th day Newcastle" July 15th 2013

The 4th day was at the venue called "Think Tank", a warehouse turned into a club, in this warehouse area, a little away from the the town of Newcastle. After we arrived and did the sound check, we drove to a pub in the town of Newcastle to have an early dinner. There was a stage at this pub we went to eat as well, and we were told that a band called "Guitar Wolf" from Japan have played there before.


When we got back to Think Tank to get on the stage to play, we could not turn on the bass amp.
It seemed like the fuse of the amp was blown and Koichin, the bassist was trying this and that to fix it. Suddenly the power of the whole venue went down as Koichin screamed like we had never heard of.
Was it an electric leak or an electric shock? Is he OK or is the venue not OK?
All of us were lost for a little bit, but Koichin turned out to be fine and we got the power back in the venue as well.
We have to be careful around the power, because we hear that some musicians get seriously injured around electricity accidents sometimes.
We still needed a fuse for the bass amp, so the guitar Asano gave up one of his two amps and gave the bass amp his fuse. And in the middle of all that, one part of the cymbal for Ken's drum set went missing as well.
But somehow we managed to play through the gig OK with all these missing equipments at this gig.
Everyone here, the staffs, the support bands and everybody else were very nice again. And we headed to the hotel after all the show was done and said good bye to everyone here.
We had a day off except one radio session, the day after this.

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