"8th day York" July 19th 2013


So we finally had the car fully fixed and drove to York from London.
This town has more than 2000 years of history, and it was so beautiful that it seemed like the buildings and everything have been the same for centuries.
The venue was also a nice one by the river called "The Basement".

where's Iris?

On the tour, the member and the staffs have to carry in and out all the gear and it's quite a work for they are very heavy especially when it's upstairs or downstairs.
So it is a hot topic that we talk about which floor that the stage is, every time when we approach the venue.
But here, we knew which floor it was because of the name of the venue, The Basement, so we were fully ready to carry things downstairs.
Against our expectation, we didn't have to do any of this here, for we were told to use the gear of the local band because they have done the sound check already earlier.
Even though the gears weren't ours, the sound check went fine and it was time to play.
There were fans who had the songs that they wanted the band to play, and they were screaming that to the stage before the gig.
We started playing kind of feeling bad for them because we heard "Snowberry" as one of the request, but did not have that on the set list for the day.
The gig went on fine and finished playing just around 11o'clock, the time we had to stop playing.
But gladly, we had encore and the promoter was nice enough to say that we can play one more song, so we played "Snowberry" and everything went perfectly fine.
The band was offered the tour of the town by several fans for it's such a nice place after the gig.
But we had to leave to Scotland right away and had to miss that, having no idea what was going to happen the day after this is gonna be a trouble again!!