"1st day Bridport" July 12th 2013

Band had an internal trouble from this very first gig.
Bridport was a nice ocean resort town and we were to support the legendary Wedding Present on the first two days of our tour.
The venue was called The Electric Palace, a historic theatre-like building.
We got the town a little early so walked around after we unloaded all the equipment.
Perfectly nice weather.
After the sound check, it was time to play.
There wasn't much audience on the floor at first for us being a support band, everyone seemed to be at the bar behind the door.
But once the gig had started, people slowly started to gather on the floor, hopefully because they liked the songs, and at the end, many people came to the floor and that was quite a relief for us especially on the first day.
We had to head to the next town right away, so we were able to watch the Wedding Present performance only for few songs, and saw the audience was fully going off.
The audience did seem quite happy with Taffy's gig too, but the band became apart in between the side who was not satisfied at all with the play that night and the ones who felt it was ok.
There was a big gap in between the play that should've been done and what actually happened for the member who wasn't satisfied, that it felt like the band was going to break up and be over right there.
We went back to the hotel in a rather tense and still atmosphere that night in the car.

in the dressing room.