"6th day London" July 17th 2013

It was a record breaking hot day in London, still felt nice and dry compare to the deadly humid summer in Japan. We would not recommend to visit Tokyo during summer...
The venue was on the 1st floor of a pub in Camden called Black Heart, and there was supposed to a closed acoustic session before the gig.
But "we don't know about that and there doesn't seem to be a time for it" was what we were told when we got there.
We did work it out and, just for a few song, we got to do an acoustic session somehow.
Even worse problems came up when we went on to do the sound check for the gig tonight.
There was just a naked wall at back of the stage where some kind of sound absorbing materials were needed to be, and the speakers were howling even with a little sound from the monitors on the stage that the band were not able to hear their own sound at all.
We were told it was torn down the day before and won't be fixed until the day after.
And on top of that, the monitors themselves were sort of not working well that they were going to be replaced in a few days too.
At this point, no matter what was done at the PA table, the band were not able to hear each other nor themselves much that they had to guess what's being done.

the empty stage before the gig

But then again, it's a rock'n'roll tour so the band just decided to do what they can and did whatever they could.
There were some people came from faraway like Nottingham and even from Japan for this gig, and there were just so much heat the band felt from the people there and the show went on really great until the end.
We read the review about this gig and it did say that "they were great" and "the sound was terrible"!! We did have a mixed emotion about this review. Relieved but could've done better, kind of feeling. I guess the band just have to come back.
The worst thing of this tour will happen tomorrow, but the band went back to the hotel with Kebabs in their hands without a slightest idea about that, yet.

the review of the gig.